Bonfire Night

Bonfire Night Displays by Northern Lights Fireworks

There's no better way to celebrate Bonfire Night than a bespoke firework spectacular by Northern Lights Fireworks, we can be the highlight of your event with a firework display that will 'wow' all in attendance. We have been providing bonfire night displays across the UK for over 25 years. Over the bonfire night period Northern Lights Fireworks will provide firework displays at over 30 publicly attended events; including Light Up Lancaster the biggest bonfire night event in the North West.

Whether you want a more traditional child friendly display or fireworks to music, our design team will produce an exciting and memorable display bespoke to your requirements. Every year we work with local councils, cricket clubs and corporate clients to deliver bonfire night firework displays of all sizes.


We will carry out a full site visit and risk assessment to ensure we can provide a display that is safe but has maximum impact and effect. We can also give advice on safety distances, traffic restrictions, security requirements and advice on the bonfire itself. As well as providing sparklers,  light up toys for children and contacts for other suppliers that can make your event extra special.

Crowd at a public firework display in York by Northern Lights Fireworks

Why Choose us?

ORGANISATION - We will work with you, the organisers and PTA committees to ensure a smooth process. We'll take care of all the relevant paperwork, provide guidance on spectator numbers, safety distances and carry out a full site risk assessment.

DESIGN - Northern Lights Fireworks have been providing firework displays for over 25 years and we know how to put on a good show. Over the bonfire night period we will out on over 30 firework displays up and down the country. We use a range of some of the best firework types and effects from all over the world including Spain, Italy, Malta, England and China to create our firework spectaculars.

FIRING - Northern Lights Fireworks use the latest electrical firing systems and equipment available in firework industry to ensure our displays are planned and go off to perfection. Firework cues are used to ensure that the firework fires or bursts at the perfect moment throughout the display.


SAFETY -  All our crew members are trained to BPA (British Pyrotechnist Association) highest level to ensure safety for the crew, spectators and general public. A full site risk assessment will be carried out prior to the event as well as a dynamic risk assessment on the day to ensure maximum safety.

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