Pyro-musical Displays by Northern Lights Fireworks

At Northern Lights Fireworks we specialise in “Pyro-musicals” which are firework displays to music. We offer musical firework displays for weddings, public events, corporate events, and parties across the UK from our two branches in Preston (Lancashire) and Trowbridge (Wiltshire).


Firework displays to music have become very popular and as Twice British Musical Firework Champions we can ensure we never miss a beat. Our design team specialise in areas such as show management, creativity, timing, precision assembly and technology. We combine our talents to bring you the wow-factor that has won us our awards over the years.


We use the latest technologies and firing equipment to produce bespoke firework displays perfectly synchronised to a selection of your favourite tracks or let our design team create something with artistic flair and creativity that is unique to suit your occasion, budget and venue. We can choreograph fireworks to music of all types of genres; Pop, Classical, Contemporary, Jazz, Rock ‘n’ Roll, Live or Pre-recorded pieces.

Bonfire night firework display in the Wiltshire by Northern Lights Fireworks

Pyromusical Fireworks Displays

Why Choose us?

DESIGN - Northern Lights Fireworks have been providing firework displays for over 25 years and we know which firework effects work best to each section of a track and can incorporate these so it appears fireworks are rising with the notes and bangs are on the beat. We use a range of some of the best firework types and effects from all over the world including Spain, Italy, Malta, England and China to create the best effects with the music.

FIRING - Northern Lights Fireworks use the latest electrical firing systems and equipment available in firework industry to ensure perfect synchronisation of the fireworks to the music. Firework cues are used to ensure that the firework fires or bursts at the perfect moment.


SAFETY -  All our crew members are trained to BPA (British Pyrotechnist Association) highest level to ensure safety for the crew,  spectators and general public. 


THE MUSIC - We connect to the PA system and ensure that the display commences when the music starts. Northern Lights Fireworks can provide the PA system if required.