Celebration of Life

Memorial Firework Displays by Northern Lights Fireworks

Celebration of Life firework display or often referred to as Memorial fireworks is a unique was to celebrate the life of a loved one and distribute the ashes over the backdrop of gold and silver aerial fireworks. Our team will handle your request with the upmost sensitivity and ensure a memorable display with glitter and sparkle.

Usually these firework displays will last a few minutes and include special messages or names which can be produced (as seen below) in Lancework (firing-writing) prior to the full firework display. We can place the ashes of loved ones carefully into aerial shells, that can be decorated by family members with messages. The display can include favourite colours or set to a favourite piece of music. We can also let you press the button which will commence the display in your own time.


Memorial fireworks are often fired in remote locations or woodland areas, Northern Lights Fireworks will contact the relevant local authorities to ensure everything is handled with respect and sensitivity. Our friendly team will also be on hand throughout the process, including prior to the display, on the day during setup and post display for support and to answer any questions.

Lancework firework messages

Why Choose us?

ORGANISATION - We take care of all the paperwork and organise everything including a full site risk assessment prior to the display. On the day we will arrive early and have the display ready to fire when you are ready.


DESIGN - Northern Lights Fireworks have been providing firework displays for over 25 years and we know how to put on a good show. We also use a range of some of the best firework types and effects from all over the world including Spain, Italy, Malta, England and China to create the best effects with the music.

FIRING - Northern Lights Fireworks use the latest electrical firing systems and equipment available in firework industry to ensure our displays are planned and go off to perfection. Firework cues are used to ensure that the firework fires or bursts at the perfect moment throughout the display.


SAFETY -  All our crew members are trained to BPA (British Pyrotechnist Association) highest level to ensure safety for the crew,  spectators and general public. Crew members are highly professional and will be hand throughout the day.

Memorial Fireworks Displays