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Wedding Pyro-musicals by Northern Lights Fireworks

At Northern Lights Fireworks we specialise in “Pyro-musicals” which are firework displays to music. A firework display to music is a great way to celebrate on your wedding evening. We will provide a firework spectacular perfectly synchronised to your favourite songs, theme or love songs that will "wow" you and your guests.


Fireworks to music is a great way to enhance any firework display using perfectly timed firework effects, particularly if your wedding venue requires a quiet wedding firework display. We will choose fireworks will certain effects, colours and sounds to match your chosen tracks as well incorporating your wedding colours or material that you want to see. 


Northern Lights Fireworks are Twice British Musical Firework Champions and can ensure we never miss a beat. Our design team specialise in areas such as show management, creativity, timing, precision assembly and technology.


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Why Choose us?

ORGANISATION - We will take care of everything with the venue, including a full site risk assessment so you don't need to worry. On the day of the display we will setup early and maintain a discreet presence until the time comes to fire the display. Our friendly team will be on hand throughout the process to answer any questions you may have.

DESIGN - Northern Lights Fireworks have been providing firework displays for over 25 years and we know which firework effects work best to each section of a track and can incorporate these so it appears fireworks are rising with the notes and bangs are on the beat. We use a range of some of the best firework types and effects from all over the world including Spain, Italy, Malta, England and China to create the best effects with the music.

FIRING - Northern Lights Fireworks use the latest electrical firing systems and equipment available in firework industry to ensure perfect synchronisation of the fireworks to the music. Firework cues are used to ensure that the firework fires or bursts at the perfect moment.


SAFETY -  All our crew members are trained to BPA (British Pyrotechnist Association) highest level to ensure safety for the crew,  spectators and general public. 


THE MUSIC - We will work with you to come up with the perfect mix of tracks for your big day. We connect to the PA system and ensure that the display commences when the music starts. Northern Lights Fireworks can provide the PA system if required.


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Wedding Pyro-musicals



1. THE VENUE - Does your venue allow fireworks? It's worth checking with the venue, often they have restrictions on noise levels due to animals or wildlife surrounding the venue. We can liaise with the venue and find this out for you if you would prefer - please contact us for further details.

2. YOUR BUDGET- Due to the complexity and extra time involved in planning musical firework displays they can be more expensive than traditional firework displays. However, don't be put off by this as a short 5 minute firework display to music can be more dramatic and entertaining than a a traditional 10 minute firework display with no music. Our wedding musical firework displays start from £2400, however we do try to meet all budget so please get in touch.

3.YOUR SONGS - We recommend choosing songs that have meaning to you and your partner, after all it is your big day. However, it often works best to use popular music that you and your guests will enjoy and recognise. It's important to choose a tracks with changes in tempo, so that we can incorporate a range of firework effects to slow and fast segments of the tracks. The ENDING - At Northern Lights Fireworks we always like to finish big, so choose a final song that builds up to a crescendo. However, it is possible for us to create a gentle finish if you would prefer.


4. SURPRISE - Booking the display to surprise your other half? We often get bookings from grooms surprising their partners and family members booking to surprise the bride and groom. It's best to let us know if this is the case when contacting us, so we can ensure we only contact you a certain times so we don't give the game away! We will also ensure we maintain a discreet presence on the day until the moment arrives to fill the sky with colour and sound.

5. GET IN TOUCH - Don't hesitate, contact us to book your dream musical wedding firework display today.