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Firework Safety this November 2021 - Northern Lights Fireworks top 10 tips for keeping safe

Updated: Nov 12, 2021

Firework safety bonfire night 2020

With some organised displays cancelled again this year, more people will be thinking about setting off their own fireworks. At Northern Lights Fireworks we have complied a list of tips to stay safe this season.

1. Understand firework categories

Before purchasing your fireworks you need to understand the following firework categories:

💥Category 1 (F1): Indoor Fireworks - Suitable for use indoors.

💥Category 2 (F2): Garden Fireworks - suitable for outdoor use in relatively confined areas i.e. gardens. Minimum viewing distance 5 metres.

💥Category 3 (F3): Display Fireworks - suitable for outdoor use in large open space. Minimum viewing distance 25 metres.

💥Category 4 (F4): Fireworks which are incomplete and/or are not intended for sale to the general public. Often referred to as 'professional fireworks' No minimum viewing distance specified.

2. Purchasing your fireworks

Always purchase consumer fireworks from reputable retailers. If you are firing your fireworks in your garden ensure that you have the required safety distances away from you, your neighbours and other buildings before purchasing. Use the category system explained above and always ask the retailer to explain each firework in detail before committing to purchase.

3. Make sure the area is safe for fireworks

PLAN what order you will be igniting them in. Only use them ONE at a time and keep the rest in a closed box. Always follow the guidance provided on each individual firework for safety distances and instructions of use.

4. Always keep any flammable materials, objects or away from fireworks

Try not to wear loose clothing that may ignite when lighting your fireworks. When firing a display always wear protective overalls, goggles, hard hat and gloves. Beware of hot effects falling from the sky that may cause injury.

5. Keep naked flames and cigarettes away

Never set off fireworks by an open fire, naked flames or while smoking cigarettes. Embers from such can ignite fireworks left in their boxes.

6. Time of your display

Always ensure that your fireworks are concluded by 11pm in the UK, with the exception for: Bonfire Night, when the cut off is midnight. New Year's Eve, Diwali and Chinese New Year, when the cut off is 1am.

7. Preparing your fireworks

When preparing your fireworks for ignition, always read the label and follow the instructions for each firework. Every firework is different in effect and requires different setup.

Cakes and Barrages

Check any cakes and barrages with angles are facing away from the audience correctly. Ensure that all rockets are Usually consumer fireworks will have arrows to show which direction to face the firework.

Rockets 🚀

When preparing rockets ensure that the supplied launch tube is secured into the ground far enough so that the tube is stable when the rocket is inserted. Angle it slightly if required to take the flight away from spectators. Be aware that rockets track into the wind because the wind tips the stick during flight.

Never fire rockets from your hands.

Catherine Wheel (and special effect fireworks)

When preparing Catherine Wheels ensure they are effectively secured to objects that are not flammable and always check the wheel can spin freely by giving it a spin with your hand. For Catherine Wheel and other special effect fireworks always read the instructions and follow the guidance.

Sparklers 🎇

-Always wear gloves when using sparklers

-Always use them outdoors

-Keep them away from other fireworks when using them

-Place used sparklers in sand or water for a few minutes before disposing of them

8. Keep children and pets away

Before igniting your fireworks ensure that all spectators are well away in particular children. Ensure that pets are kept inside will you are firing fireworks.

9. Igniting your fireworks

It is always recommended to use a Portfire or Firework Lighters which are handheld sticks with produces a flame which usually burns for about 5 minutes. These are also not affected by the weather and will stay alight during rainy or windy conditions. Always try to light your fireworks at arms length.

REMEMBER never run away or go back to a firework after it has be ignited.

10. Disposal of the used fireworks

Fireworks that have been used should be drowned in water for 48 hours after firing to ensure that any of the explosive material left inside the firework is inert. They can then be disposed of in your everyday rubbish bin.


For more information about firework safety visit:

Have an enjoyable and safe season from all at Northern Lights Fireworks.

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