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Your Guide to Wedding Fireworks in Wiltshire

Updated: Nov 12, 2021

Check with the venue

Does my wedding venue allow wedding fireworks?


The first thing to do is check that that the venue allows fireworks. A lot of venues are located near working farms with livestock or near residential areas that can restrict or reduce the likelihood the venue allows a firework display. In this case some venues only allow fireworks at special times of the year such as the 5th November and 31st December or not at all.

There can also be restrictions when it comes to the noise level of the fireworks to limit the impact on livestock and residents surrounding the venue, they may insist on "low noise fireworks" only. However, low noise fireworks can choreographed to music (Pryomusical displays) and still have the same dramatic effect as a traditional firework display.

If you heart is set on fireworks at your wedding, then checking with the venue is the first step, the last thing you want to do is pick your dream wedding venue and find out they don't allow fireworks!


What is the cost of wedding firework display?


Every individual is different, and this is the same when it comes to budgets for their dream wedding day. Wedding firework display prices can range from as little as £300 to £5000. This ultimately comes down to the length of display and quality.

Our wedding firework display packages start from £900 to a 5 minute display, and can be as little as £750 for a 3 minute display. Our wedding packages are designed for impact and effect using fireworks sourced from all over world including, China and Spain. It can often be better to have a firework display that is more intense to have a more dramatic effect on you and your guests. It is always best to discuss your ideas and budget with the firework company. All our wedding firework display prices and packages can be found on our wedding page here.


When is the best time for fireworks display?


It is also important to consider the time of year of your wedding. Fireworks can be set off all year round, however in the UK, by law we fire displays can be fired up to 11pm, with the exception for: Bonfire Night, when the cut off is midnight. New Year's Eve, Diwali and Chinese New Year, when the cut off is 1am.

It can be better to have summer wedding firework displays later in the evening when it is as dark as possible, so the fireworks can have maximum impact for you and your guests.

Choosing your fireworks


It can be difficult to know what firework effects you want to see and whether you want fireworks that match your wedding colours. We suggest you take a look at previous videos of wedding firework displays and speak to the design team about your ideas, alternatively let the professionals design the show for you.

Fireworks can also be done to music (pyro-musicals) which means your favourite music can be perfectly synchronised with fireworks bangs and whistles. Find out more about pyro-musical here

Surprise for your guests?


Many of our wedding firework displays are booked by friends or family members as a surprise for the bride and groom. We have also had Groom's book to surprise their other half's on the big day or the bride and groom booking as a surprise for their guests. At Northern Lights Fireworks we commit to maintaining a discreet presence until the moment arrives to fill the sky with light and sound.

If you are planning a surprise it is important to let the firework company know in advance!



Picking the right photographer to capture the moment can be difficult. Check with your wedding photographer to see if they have photographed fireworks before. Also speak to the firework company as often they capture pictures and often videos of their displays, this way you ensure that your special moment is captured and can be remembered.

Choosing a credible firework company


It is vital to pick a credible firework company as you and your guests' safety is of upmost importance. What is a credible firework company?

In the UK, professional firework companies and crew members need to be qualified and trained to the highest standard in order to fire and operate with explosive fireworks safely. A credible firework company in the UK will have the following:

  • Registered with the BPA (British Pryotechnist Association) and have senior firers

  • Registered as company in UK

  • Have full public liability insurance (request a copy of this document from the company)

  • Often firework companies will also be members of the EIG (The Explosives Industry Group) and FSG (Federation of Small Businesses).


If you are looking for wedding fireworks at your wedding reception, contact our team today to find out more about what we can offer! If you have more questions, look at our frequently asked questions here.

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